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    Welcome to the Third World Studies Center
    The Third World Studies Center (TWSC) of the University of the Philippines is an academic research institute committed to analyze and develop alternative perspectives on Philippine, regional and global issues.
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    The Center is run by a dedicated team of academic and administrative staff, with diverse areas of expertise and experiences.

    The TWSC undertakes research focusing on political economy, development issues, democratization, and governance, working with social movements and civil society for generating knowledge to promote actions for change.

    The publications of the Center offer critical perspectives on interdisciplinary issues and concerns, notably through the journal Kasarinlan (Independence)

    The Center provides a venue for dialogue, discussion and debate through its regular forums, public lectures, seminars, conferences and training
    Students, faculty and public intellectuals who affiliate with the TWSC as visiting research fellows, are provided with institutional support to undertake their research in the Philippines

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