Annual International Conference

The University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center (TWSC) is hosting this year's international conference on the Asian Democracy Index (ADI) on August 30-31, 2012. The ADI is an initiative of the Democracy and Social Movements Institute (DaSMI), Sungkonghoe University, South Korea, in collaboration with the research institutes comprising the Consortium for the Asian Democracy Index (CADI). Since its formation last year, CADI's member institutes have conducted annual perception surveys of various local specialists on politics, economics, and civil society to examine the state of democratization in their country. Unlike most democracy indices, the ADI does not seek to be a tool for ranking democracies. Instead, it seeks to become a means of looking at how well countries in Asia are fighting threats to unhampered national democratization. This year's ADI conference will focus on the results of the 2011 ADI pilot test as well as the preliminary findings of the 2012 survey. CADI researchers from the Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India will serve as the main speakers of the conference. Philippine experts on democracy will also attend the conference to give their take on the ADI's theoretical framework and methodology.

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