The Consortium for the Asian Democracy Index

The Consortium for the Asian Democracy Index (CADI) is a network of research institutes and independent researchers working on the development of the Asian Democracy Index. CADI's headquarters is in the Democracy and Social Movements Institute, Sungkonghoe University, South Korea. All members of the institute are in equal partnership. Other current CADI research institutes and individual researchers include:

  • The University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center
  • The Center for Political Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Indonesia
  • The Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Indonesia
  • Dr. Andrew Aeria, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University Malaysia Sarawak
  • Mr. Tan Seng Keat, Merdeka Centre for Survey Research, Malaysia
  • Banajit Hussain, independent researcher and political analyst from Assam, India
  • Ms. Amrapali Basumatary, Assistant Professor, K.M. College, University of Delhi, India