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Visiting Research Fellowship Program

In order to advance networking and collaboration among social science scholars locally and internationally, the Third World Studies Center grants research affiliation to students, faculty, and researchers who specialize in political economy and development issues, with particular interest in the Philippines. The affiliation offers institutional support and provides for a Visiting Research Fellow position in the university.

Volunteer-Internship Program

The TWSC Internship-Volunteer Program is designed for undergraduate, graduate, and foreign exchange students of the University of the Philippines specializing in development studies, with particular interest in critical political economy, democratization and political culture. The program provides an opportunity for interns-volunteers to assist in and learn from the various research, publications, and training projects and activities of the Center. The TWSC internship is a non-salaried program and does not guarantee future employment in the Center.

Institutional Linkages

The TWSC facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the University of the Philippines and various universities in Asia in order to promote exchange of faculty members and students, joint research in areas of mutual interest, and exchange of resource materials.

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