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The Center serves as a forum for the articulation and analyses of various issues, as well as a mechanism for dialogue and debate among scholars, governments and the larger society. TWSC-sponsored activities provide support for class instruction, especially in courses requiring discussions on contemporary social, political and economic concerns.

Training and advocacy at the TWSC is formally structured in the following clusters:

  1. Training-Workshop
  2. Policy Dialogue Series
  3. Public Lectures
  4. Public Forums
  5. Workshops and Conferences
  6. Roundtable Discussions

TWSC has a wide and diverse network of past and continuing collaborators for public lectures, forums, roundtable discussions, and similar events. For those who would like TWSC to co-sponsor or co-organize a training and advocacy activity, please refer to our Training and Advocacy Terms of Reference to understand what TWSC can do with you. For further inquiries, please contact the coordinator.

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