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TRAINING: Training-Workshop on Globalization

Globalization: A Critical Introduction, 13 to 17 May 2002

Globalization has become the catchword of the new millennium. States have either justified or re-aligned their priorities in the name of global competitiveness. Academics in various disciplines have tried to grapple with the notion of globalization by exploring and analyzing its various dimensions and implications. Civil society players are redefining their own missions and strategies to be able to expose, counteract, or work with the impact of a globalizing world order on various dimensions of social life. Indeed, globalization is affecting our lives in more ways than are easily observable or comprehensible. The debate over the nature and trajectory of globalization has been raging in local, regional, and international arenas over the past years. Recent debates over policies sponsored by government itself reflect contending notions and positions in the face of a new global order. The University of the Philippines owes it to its stakeholders to do its share in intervening in this process of understanding by providing venues within which a clearer way of thinking may be achieved.

A short course on globalization would be a venue for scholars to systematize their ideas and insights about the many dimensions and intricate facets of globalization. Researchers, teachers, writers, policymakers and media practitioners in general would benefit from a more in-depth discussion and analysis on the various dimensions of the globalization issue.The course consists of the following topics:

  • The Globalization Debate: Interdependence and Transnationalism
  • The Globalization Discourse in Philippine Civil Society
  • Trade and Economy in the New Global Order
  • Agriculture and Food Security in a Globalized Economy
  • Multi-layered Governance in a Multi-layered World
  • Information Technology and its Impact on Women
  • Indigenous Peoples and Local Cultures in a Globalizing World

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