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TRAINING: Training-Workshop on Globalization (Themes)

Globalization and Governance, 12 to 16 May 2003

New developments in the global trade regime, such as speculations on a new round of negotiations to further liberalize critical sectors set on September 2003 in Cancun, have stirred up old and new debates on the present system of globalization. In addition to this, the present administration’s realization of WTO’s anti-development thrust has left policymakers, technocrats and development scholars grappling for new strategies to strengthen the Philippines’ position in the negotiations and to defend national economic interests. The global civil society groups and social movements are also struggling to address globalization issues and processes through alternative world forums. The most recent of which was the third World Social Forum in Porto Alegre to coincide with the World Economic Forum in January 2003. At the same time that the powerful economic leaders of the world affirm their confidence on economic globalization in Davos, trade unions, NGOs and other civil society groups discussed the alarming repercussions of liberalization of the global economy in Porto Alegre.

With this context, the 2003 certificate course focuses on the pressing issues related to globalization, including but not limited to the concerns of different sectors which may be affected by the next round of trade negotiations. The course provides a more in-depth discussion and analysis of recent discourses and contentions on globalization, particularly the concept of global governance. Likewise, new topics are introduced to provide a better understanding of the concept and to explore ways and means to examine, counteract, as well as take advantage of the globalizing world order. The course consists of five thematic issues:

  • The Globalization Discourse
  • Global Governance and Multilateral Institutions: Focus on th World Trade Organization
  • Trade Liberalization and its Impact on Local Industries
  • Communities, Cultures and the Environment in a Globalizing World
  • Philippine Agenda on Globalization

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