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TRAINING: Training-Workshop on Globalization (Themes)

Globalization and Human Security, 24 to 28 May 2004

After the Cold War, armed conflicts have been increasingly fought within territories rather than between nations. Additionally, there are more civilian casualties in today’s so-called ‘new’ wars than combatants. In view of the changing nature of conflicts, the definition of security is being broadened from its old focus of protecting the nation’s territory from external aggression to cover the human aspect. The 1994 UNDP Human Development Report is largely responsible for articulating the post-Cold War thinking about human security. According to the UNDP Report, human security covers the following dimensions: economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community, community and political. Some critics, however, pointed out that the Report failed to consider human insecurity caused by violent conflict. Hence, to address this gap, initiatives such as the campaign to ban landmines and the move to create an International Court of Justice were launched in recent years. These initiatives are practical application of the people-centered approach to security in conflict situations.

The globalizing world order offers an environment which is both constricting and conducive to the advancement of the human security agenda. On the one hand, globalization, instead of improving the people’s lives, has intensified the economic divide between Northern and Southern nations. Deepening poverty in the Southern nations is considered as one of the primary causes of the civil wars. On the other hand, because of more inter-state dialogues, regional and global institutions have been mandated to put into action measures toward the alleviation of the damage of war and initiate conflict resolution processes. To examine the various dimensions of human security and globalization, the training workshop covered the following topics:

  • Globalization and Human Security
  • The Changing Nature of Conflicts
  • Manifestations of Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

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