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Training-Workshop on Globalization

note: program suspended until further notice

In recent years, the TWSC had offered a five-day certificate course on globalization, which discusses the various perspectives, debates and issues on globalization. The course explores the economic, political and cultural dimensions of globalization with a multi-disciplinary approach. The TWSC designed and conducted the course in consultation with partner institutions and faculty to ensure that the content, methodologies, knowledge acquired, and skills developed are suited to the needs of the participants. People from the government, civil society organizations, academe, and the business sector have graduated from the workshop.


  • To provide a venue for discussion and critical analysis on current issues related to globalization
  • To help raise consciousness and understanding of globalization useful for teaching, research, advocacy and policy-making
  • To explore and identify new strategies, issues and possible avenues for action and change in the context of globalization

Training Format:

The course focuses on a particular theme and its relevant topics.

The training consists of lectures by panels of leading academics and development scholars addressing a subject matter, followed by workshops which will probe into the different issues or concepts raised. Participants are also assigned into small groups where they will reflect their learning experience and come up with a seminar output as partial requirement of the course. Group projects are presented on the closing plenary session.

For more information, please contact the training coordinator.

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